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Come play at Ellie May's

No Social Distancing Required!

Hi, I'm Ellie May!

My parents brought me home in February just as the COVID pandemic hit. Luckily for me, I was able to leave the house and go to doggie daycare. Because of the pandemic, my parents had to work from home and basically never left the house so, my dad was very bored and built a fence for me to stay safe in the yard. Silly dad built this fence big enough for a horse! Well... good thing he did, I am a pretty big girl now. 


Everyday when I returned from daycare, I would tell my parents how amazing it was to see all of my friends and not have to social distance. They didn't think that was fair so, they decided that we should have our very own playground here at our house. That's when the idea hit and they began building our very own playground for all my friends to come and play. 

So now I am inviting all of my friends to my house and hopefully they bring some friends of their own.


Come and play with Ellie May - no social distancing required!


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Coming Soon! Extras
We will be offering a variety of additional services for your pet while they are staying with us!



Monday - Friday
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