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Welcome to Ellie May's! 

At Ellie May's we strive to provide the best environment and care for all dogs. ​We have made it our goal to make our daycare a safe place for all breeding females. All males entering our facility will be required to be neutered.  ​We have separate spaces for large and smaller dogs as well as a large outdoor area for plenty of play time as a group. ​Structure is key at Ellie May's. Playtime will be abundant as well as ample time for rest and eating.​ Lauren, will be your primary host and will take care of all your pets' needs.

We've got a lot of hands on deck to make sure your furry friends stay safe, and get all the love they deserve. 

​Come join our extended family at Ellie May's!
​-Patti, Chris, Lauren, Ellie, Layla, and staff.
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